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  • GNC Co-Chair at clinic in Honduras
  • GNC advisor assessing a patient in Kenya
  • GNC 2012 Conference Boston
  • Kenya Heart and Sole team in Kenya
  • Clinica Juitiquile in Honduras
  • GNC Co-Chair with student nurses in Uganda
  • GNC Co-Chair caring for mother and newborn in Uganda

The Global Nursing Caucus advances the role of nurses in global health. We engage and connect nurses worldwide to create a network for sharing innovative approaches to global health issues. Mobilizing partnerships and resources to facilitate nurses’ contributions, creating an information resource center, and promoting policies that strengthen the role of nurses in global health, GNC is a dynamic advocate for the essential contribution of nursing in improving the health of populations worldwide.

Global Health 101

This resource offers important information for nurses working in the global health arena. Whether you are a seasoned global health practitioner or a beginner, there will be something of interest for you...

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We would love for you to join our Nurses' Week Event at Partners in Health on May 10th, 2016.

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Nurses currently comprise 50-80% of the global healthcare workforce. The GNC believes it is imperative for the expertise of nurses to be available throughout global health forums.

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The Lancet publishes letter by GNC Advisory Panel members responding to Jim Yong Kim and colleagues' article Redefining Global Healthcare Delivery.

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