Global Health 101


GNC conference workshop

This resource offers important information for nurses working in the global health arena. Whether you are a seasoned global health practitioner or a beginner, there will be something of interest for you and an opportunity to learn. We will be providing and updating links and information on topics including: selected health indicators and the state of nursing standards in various countries; how to prepare for, live, and work in a foreign country; and where to find pertinent information on global health. And we are building a list of comprehensive resources for nurses interested in global health that will cover the following information broken down by country:

  • Health indicators & country demographics
  • Preparedness
  • Role/profession of nursing
  • News
  • Suggested key resources/links
  • Recommended reading
  • History/evolution of nursing
Poster presentation at GNC conference

Poster presentation at GNC conference

In addition, general information will include:

  • Global health programs with nursing focus and/or involvement
  • Global health centers
  • Educational institutions with global health nursing programs and/or focus
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