Mentorship Program

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Mentorship is a crucial aspect of nurturing future leaders in global nursing.  When asked to cite an important aspect of professional growth, experienced nurses will often reflect back to the mentoring they received throughout various phases of their career.  On-site and distance mentoring is an essential component to providing high quality prevention, care and treatment of several infectious and non-infectious diseases.  Mentoring optimizes  knowledge and skills gained in the classroom and provide a mechanism for professional growth leading to competent, confident and independent healthcare providers, systems improvement agents and researchers. Mentoring is a vital component of healthcare training for all cadres of nurses to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and practical skills. Mentoring catalyzes learning and implementation or dissemination of best-practices essential to improve satisfaction, retention of health care workers and patients.

At the Global Nursing Caucus (GNC), part of our mission is to create structures that support mentoring relationships.  Our members have a wealth of skills and mentoring expertise in areas of clinical practice, safety and quality improvement, teaching and research.  Many of our members work globally in countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia.  Remote mentoring can occur through email communication and use of various technologies such as Skype and Zoom.  On-site, face-to-face meetings may be possible and can be arranged independently by the Mentor and Mentee. We welcome anyone who has interest in mentoring or in being mentored. Please click here to complete GNC Mentorship Connector form. In addition, we are building a database of people, programs, and resources well suited to facilitating partnerships with mentors. If you would like to connect with other nurses globally, you can register with our Global Nurse Finder program here.

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